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AirZap: AppleTV

AirZap: AppleTV makes it truly simple to send any picture you're looking at on your Android phone or tablet to your AppleTV device: see your pictures come to life on your big-screen TV that is connected to your Apple TV.

Pick any image from any app that supports the standard Android share, and send it to your Apple TV using AirZap: AppleTV.

  • Discovers your AppleTV automatically.
  • Remembers your AppleTV for quick reconnects.
  • Send any picture to your AppleTV.
  • Choose the display duration.


  • Automatically send the picture to the first available Apple TV, or pick a specific AppleTV to send the picture to (AirZap: AppleTV Pro required).
  • Supports JPEG images (AirZap: AppleTV (Free) and AirZap: AppleTV Pro) as well as PNG/GIF/WEBP (AirZap: AppleTV Pro required).
  • (Coming Soon) Supports password-protected AppleTVs (AirZap: AppleTV Pro required).

$0.99 Get it on Google Play