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BigScreen for ChromeCast (Free)

BigScreen for ChromeCast (Free) makes it easy to send your pictures, music (and soon, videos) directly from your computer to your ChromeCast: no Chrome browser or mobile phone required.

We built the simplest, easiest way to get your content onto your big screen with ChromeCast: simply select one (or more) pictures or a song and they are automatically sent to your ChromeCast. You can also drag and drop files into the main window.

  • Automatically detects all ChromeCasts: lets you pick the active one.
  • Detects multiple pictures and automatically starts a slide show.
  • Displays song and artist name when playing music.

Download for OSX


  • Important Uses the ChromeCast default media receiver application: if you are not using an official ChromeCast this receiver application may not be present and BigScreen for ChromeCast will not work.


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