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Hidden WiFi Connect

Hidden WiFi Connect makes it easy to connect your Kindle Fire tablet, Google TV or Android phone or tablet to hidden WiFi networks (that do not transmit their WiFi network name or SSID).

Finally, you can connect to WiFi networks with hidden network names (SSIDs) from your Kindle Fire, Google TV or Android phone/tablet.

  • See all the configured networks.
  • Individually enable connection to each configured network if the SSID is hidden.


  • You will first need to connect to the network before you can enable hidden SSID connections. Visit your network settings to setup the initial connection.
  • You may need to reboot your Kindle Fire, Google TV or Android phone/tablet to complete the connection after hidden WiFi connection support is first turned on for a specific WiFi network.
  • Once the first connection to a hidden network is completed, it will be automatically connected every subsequent time (unless hidden SSID support is turned off).
  • If you turn off hidden SSID support and turn it back on, you may need to reboot again to complete the connection.

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